Not a Fan
Dramatic Series| 90 Min Feature& 6X30 Min Episodes | 2010 | English

Not A Fan is a six-week program that begins with a feature film and follows on with six small group studies and weekly episodes – all focused on encouraging individuals to journey from being a fan of Jesus to becoming a completely, committed follower.


Through the use of high quality cinematic storytelling and powerful and applicable teaching, Not A Fan – The Movie, Small Group Study and Pastor’s Resource Kit – acts as a guide through the life of Eric Nelson, a nominal Christian whose faith came second to the pursuit of pleasure, money and lifestyle. Watch as a confronting moment of realisation leads him to take up the challenge of truly becoming a follower of Christ. This is a challenge that is extended to viewers, as they see the transformational power of the choice Eric makes to ‘deny himself and take up his cross daily’ (Luke 9:23).