Somewhere Near Tapachula
Drama | 63 Minutes | 2010 | English

In November 2000, Alan and Pam Skuse left their home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia to volunteer at an orphanage for twelve months in Tapachula, in Chiapas, a coastal city at the base of an extinct volcano. Little did they know that the organisation they signed on with would be closed after six months, leaving the Skuses with a choice: to return to Australai, or take on the overwhelming challenge of caring for the remaining children on their own.


Pam and Alan lacked resources and critical support, but dreamed of creating a true refuge, in place of a cold institution, or worse, the existing vacuum. In this coastal city with no other wave riders, Pam and Alan set out to create a unique surf community, dreaming of hope for children who otherwise had none. Surfing here is when children who suffered the unimaginable forget the past and just be in the moment.