The Custodian
Drama | 111 Minutes | 2013 | English

At 31, Josh Francis hasn't found his niche in life. Good at many things, nothing has provided meaning. Believing he's at a point in life where he cannot 'hope' that his life will get better, he commits to find a new life by traveling for a year.


On route to a stock-hand job at a cattle farm, soon finds himself completely lost in a forest. He comes across a manicured path that leads to two broken gates, beyond them - a beautiful Victorian homestead.


He mistakes the place to be his employer's home, but soon discovers that not only is this not the cattle station, it may very well be a physical entrance to heaven; a place where souls come to remember how to love.


With the help of the homestead's Custodian, Josh learns that everyone must choose to enter Heaven of their own accord, but first they must allow themselves to love and be loved.

And he ultimately realizes that maybe his stumbling upon this place was no accident at all.